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About The Studio

Our fantastic modern studio is conveniently situated in St Ives Town Centre (In the white building to the left of Spec Savers)

We have a very large and spacious studio, fully equipped with the latest professional equipment, and can easily accommodate up to 20 people for one sitting! We have a large white infinity screen, together with many backdrop areas throughout the whole studio where we can set up staged room themes for those special fashion shots or cool shots!

Our private changing / makeup room is the perfect place to pamper yourself and get ready for your photo session. There’s lots of lighting and large mirrors to make sure you look your very best prior to the shoot starting.

If required we can also arrange for a professional makeup artist to join you to enhance the photo shoot experience and apply your makeup for you! We were delighted when we found a professional makeup artist locally who knows exactly how to get the very best from each client. Photo shoot makeup is a specialist skill, and can be a little different to standard makeup prepared by yourselves. (The cost of this is in addition to any costs agreed for the shoot, and starts at £35.00 per person.)

Once your session has been concluded we will make a further appointment with you (and all people attending the shoot) to view a large selection of the photos taken. These will be displayed on a large format TV in our dedicated presentation room, where you can sit in comfort to view and order your photographs in complete privacy.

We strive to make your photo session a memorable and fun experience for everyone, and whether you have had a private portrait shoot, are a couple, friends who just want to have some cool fun shots for facebook or portfolios, are a budding model or a family who want a special memory for themselves, or as a gift ..... let us capture some very special moments for you in an amazing studio environment, and we will ensure you have an amazing time as we provide you with photo memories which will “Last a lifetime”

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