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Prom and Event Photography

Let us bring our Professional Studio Sets to your Prom, Gala Dinner or Special Event!

We can cater for events of all sizes from 50 to over 500 people. We can have up to 3 photographers stations and 3 backdrops at one venue! (Size and space allowing).

  1. Professional Studio Lighting at each event to capture perfect photographs
  2. There will always be at least 2 photographers at each event.
  3. A range of soft backdrops to ensure the "Person in shot" is beautifully photographed!
  4. We can bring 2 complete sets to your event to ensure efficiency of photographs and minimum waiting time.
  5. Following the "official photos" from your event we have a "FUN PHOTO HOUR" during which we take group shots of friends posing laughing and generally have a great time together! We have an amazing selection of cameras, equipment, and signage and can make the event photography run VERY smoothly and efficiently
  6. We have an online system where all photographs can be viewed through a unique special login password. This is great for parents and relations to view the photographs in the comfort of their own home and place their orders via the on-line facility!

As you will see by the photographs in our gallery, we can cater for events of all sizes and for larger events we can also bring a "Double Staged Set" for students / people attending to choose their preferred background, and when necessary can also have additional "themed" sets to match the style of your event. (See the USA Event Pictures!)

At all event shoots we always have a minimum of 2 photographers and this also allows for the "Official Photographs" of the students to be taken very quickly and efficiently, ensuring there is an absolute minimum of waiting time for their photo to be taken.

Our costs vary depending on the size of the event, number of students attending, and the time you wish us to be at the event.

Here are a few examples of previously made arrangements


  1. Some clients ADD an amount of £5 - 6.00 to the ticket cost to cover our professional time and the print; everyone attending will receive their official photograph printed on high quality photo paper as part of the ticket cost.
  2. We have had some schools who have preferred to have a set fee arrangement for a set number of photographs of the event itself, and one for each student. This can be agreed by prior arrangement between ourselves and the school and is usually very cost effective for the school.
  3. Occasionally we have been requested to take all the Photographs and place them online for Parents to purchase from our online system. This is also very popular with schools and parents as they can actually see the photographs online. With this arrangement we require a fee of between £250 and £400 depending on the numbers attending the event, and as you will appreciate we have no way of knowing how many photographs will actually be ordered, and just need to cover our expenses for your event. (Again the agreed fee can be added to the ticket cost of the event)

These are just a few examples of arrangements previously agreed, although we would be pleased to discuss your event with you and agree a fair and mutually acceptable arrangement for ourselves to cover your event photography. PLEASE CALL 01480 300333

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