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On Location Photography

We would be pleased to visit you either at your home, or another convenient location for your shoot, please just call to discuss your needs and we would be delighted to assist.

If required we can bring our studio to you! We can bring our backdrops, stands, lighting, props and other accessories which will enhance the shoot OR we can of course stage the shoot in your home, garden or a location of your choice. We appreciate that some clients may be a little infirm, and maybe can't manage our stairs, or understandably do not like strong studio lighting; a home shoot is therefore the perfect solution and we would be pleased to discuss and accommodate any requests for location shoots.

Some clients may prefer portrait or fashion style shoots outside, be they in a forest utilising the natural sun light and shadows through the trees, or on farms and farm buildings creating contrast between the model, and surroundings, or simply at a beautiful architectural location bridge or open large space, to celebrate an engagement or anniversary, and by using natural lighting and our creative skills we have produced some quite stunning photographs of our clients. Just view our most recent shoot in the Location gallery!

Please call us on 01480 300333 or email us at to discuss your needs - we would be delighted to hear from you.

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